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    Rich & Clear Bundle Kit


    Which skin type is it good for? ✔ Oily✔ Combination✔ Dry✔ Sensitive What does it solve?- Hyperpigmentation/dark spots- Uneven skin tone- Stubborn acne If you only use three products every day,...

    Rich & Hydrated Moisturizing Cream


    This delicate, PH balanced cream helps to soften your skin and keeps it lovely, smooth and glowing. This is a nice lightweight moisturizer that provides protection against the elements. This moisturizer...

    Liquid Almond Cleanser


    The Liquid Almond Black Soap Cleanser gently dissolves dirt and bacteria, while hydrating and visibly minimizing redness, and inflammation to give you crystal clear skin. This cleanser leaves a fresh clean feeling without stripping...

    African Black Soap


    Our African Black soap is handmade by women in Africa. It has become very popular worldwide due to its skin healing benefits. Although this soap has been manufactured in many...

    Breakout Eraser


    There's nothing worse than a bad breakout right before a major event. This Breakout Eraser is specifically formulated to effectively clear blemishes, reduce the appearance of redness and prevent future...

    Eczema Butter


    Every jar of Eczema Butter is made with love! This Eczema Butter is curated not only for Eczema but for everything from Dry skin-Psoriasis! This rich, creamy Eczema Butter is...

    Vitamin C Serum


    Got dull skin? Perk up with our powerful Vitamin C Serum! This serum will refresh your complexion guaranteed! One single drop has the power to visibly renew one million skin...

    Pore Cleansing Pad


    What it is:A flexible silicone pad that gently massages the face and helps deliver deeply clean, radiant results.What it does:This tool uses tiny bristles to invigorate the skin and effectively...

    Anti Acne Serum


    This lightweight, fast-absorbing gel is formulated with Vitamin E and Vitamin B3 to help reduce congestion and encourage a healthy-looking complexion. (This Serum Is NOT an oil. It’s Consistency Is...

    Rose Petal Toner


    How it works: Created by distilling rose petals this is more than just a hydrating facial mist. This anti-bacterial toner will work to fight against acne, eczema, dermatitis, & other...

    Detoxifying Night Serum


    Our new Night Serum is like a Detox Tea for your complexion. It helps skin rest and recover from the day with the help of deep moisturizers, antioxidants, and detoxifiers like...

    Rich & Clear Iconic Duo


    Double up with this liquid almond cleanser + Rose Petal Toner duo! Can you name a more iconic duo than this? These two skincare superstars will renew, refresh, and revitalize...

    Hyaluronic Acid


    For ultra hydrated and soft skin, Hyaluronic Acid serum is like magic! Our hyaluronic acid serum pulls water from a moisturizer or damp skin and absorbs it, hyaluronic acid has...

    Stretch Away


      This roll on oil intensely hydrates + reduces the appearance of stretch marks and scars. Created with mamas-to-be in mind, it supports skin as it stretches during pregnancy and...

    Rich & Clear Dynamic Duo


    Our Dynamic Duo is a simple two product regimen that you’ll easily fall in love with! These two products are gentle and effective on all skin types! When used properly...

    Serum Trio Set


    Discover the fountain of youth in these three bottles and help your skin rewind time for a more dewy, radiant complexion. You’ll be obsessed with our age-defying Serum Trio Set...

    Travel Size Bundle Kit


    Traveling can do a number on your skin. From the dry air of plane cabins to the stress of delays to increased exposure to the elements, a trip away from home...

    Tea Tree Oil


    Battle blemishes with our iconic Tea Tree Oil. We sustainably steam-distil our tea tree leaves within 12 hours of harvest, so we can bottle our purest, most potent oil. With...

    Cucumber Facial Toner


    Stay cool as a cucumber, whatever the weather with our Cucumber Facial Toner. This gentle toner is derived from a time-honored formula, developed by our team of skincare specialists to cleanse, tone,...

    Rich & Clear Signature $89


    The goal is for you to Glow when you leave Rich & Clear MedSpa. This beauty treatment includes: double cleanse, dermaplaning, steam, mask, toner, moisturize, and SPF. Treatment plan will...

    24K Gold Under Eye Masks (5 pack)


    Got bags? Here’s a solution! The active 24k gold has the ability to expell harmful toxins and significantly hydrate your skin, increasing blood circulation, improving cellular metabolism, thus reduce wrinkles, dark...

    Soap Dish


    Our newly designed wooden soap dish is the perfect companion to our African Black Soap Bar. This dish drains well to keep your soap dry between uses, the key to...

    Rose Petal Toner (Travel Size)


    Rich & Clear all-natural refreshing facial mist (Travel size) How it works: Created by distilling rose petals this is more than just a hydrating facial mist. This anti-bacterial toner will...

    Flawless Skin Gummies


    Nourish your beauty from the inside with our Flawless Skin Gummies. This unique blend of Collagen and Purple Carrots is formulated to provide cellular antioxidant support from free radicals and fight the visible signs...

    24K Rich & Clear Collagen Tightening Mask (3 Pack)


    Are you looking for a new way to revitalize your skin? How about adding a touch of gold? This 3 pack Golden Collagen Mask will rehydrate your dry or damaged...

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